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Combat Fatigue with these Fighting Strategies!

Life is BUSY these days, it seems there is always somewhere to be and something that needs to be done. If your struggling keeping up try some of these tips below to combat fatigue and take your life back.

1.) Cutting out caffeine and other stimulants is essential to healing the adrenals and getting your energy back. It seems backwards, but, after time, cutting caffeine and other stimulants will actually give you MORE energy.

2.) Sugars and alcohol need to be eliminated when healing the adrenals. When blood sugar rollercoasters up and down, it triggers a rise in both insulin and cortisol, which stresses both the adrenals and the pancreas.

3.) If your stress and fatigue go beyond normal lifestyle issues and into disease, we recommend getting tested and supplementing.

4.) Unplug your bedroom and get a good night’s sleep. Turn off your cell phone or charge it outside of your bedroom, turn off your WiFi router at night, and disconnect all appliances (including the TV) in the bedroom.

5.) It helps to think of energy like you think of money and put yourself on a budget. You only have so much energy to spend throughout the day, so choose activities that are unavoidable or meaningful to you, and build up a savings for when you have a particularly stressful or busy time coming.

6.) Receive regular adjustments. This can reboot your immunity and nervous systems. Which can help you improve your energy levels!


Want to learn more? We are a local Chiropractic Office in Spokane Washington. Our goal is to help patients find health and wellness in each day. Follow us on Facebook for more weekly tips or come visit us to see how we can help you!

Chiropractic Wellness Center | 618 N Sullivan Rd #21, Spokane Valley WA | 509-926-7789

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