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Our Philosophy

The Integrative Wellness team is passionate about fixing broken bodies. Our core values include: Integrity, compassion, precision, and genuine care. We are committed to seeking the benefits of integrative wellness for ourselves as well as for our patients. We have a passion for educating our patients on how to actively awaken their body’s own ability to create and maintain health and wellness. Our primary motivation is to heal patients rather than pursue profit. Our high level of commitment to patients sets us apart from other Healthcare providers. We act on the principle that the power that created the body has the power to heal the body with the direction of skilled providers.


Our Commitment to You

Chiropractic Wellness Center distinguishes itself among other wellness centers by seeking to change and improve the quality of life and function of each patient that enters our office and not just seek to eliminate pain and symptoms. Integrative Wellness is different because our team is widely skilled and develops a unique plan for each patient to live a healthier and more fulfilling life by improving all areas of wellness; not just abating symptoms. Integrative Wellness provides professional chiropractic, massage, and nutrition in an effort to help patients not only overcome pain, discomfort, and disease but to get well and stay well - experiencing wellness like never before.

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