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6 Ways to Avoid Back Pain

Having back pain can literally put you on the bench. Let's get you(r) "back" in the game with these tips!

Person holding back because of back pain.

1-Exercise Regularly:

Performing simple aerobics can improve your back's strength and endurance.

2-Weight Control:

Being overweight can change your body's center of gravity.

3-Sleep in a Proper Position:

Make sure that your head won't be out of alignment with your back.

4-Maintain Good Posture:

Try to find some time to stretch properly and give your muscles and bones a break. Dr. Bo can recommend stretches personalized to help your posture.

5-Lift Properly:

Lifting can cause you back pain if you don't lift correctly.

6-Get Adjusted:

Getting regular chiropractic care can keep your spine in check, for all of your daily tasks.

Schedule a appointment with Dr. Bo to get personalized streches, exercises and tips.



Want to learn more? We are a local Chiropractic Office in Spokane Washington. Our goal is to help patients find health and wellness in each day. Follow us on Facebook for more weekly tips or come visit us to see how we can help you!

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