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Get a Workout Partner this Spring!

Why should you get a workout partner this spring? The reasons are simple: workout friends hold you accountable, provide friendly competition, and boost your spirits. So get out there and be social! We’ll show you how to make those connections.

3 Women jogging together

1.) Initiate a Conversation. It can be as easy as something like, Have you taken this class before? Or ask someone about the magazine they’re carrying while in line for the water fountain. Something light and breezy.

2.) I Feel Your Pain. Whether it’s commiserating with eye contact during a tough squat set or a smile during a difficult yoga hold, connecting during exercise is a great way to build rapport.

3.) Ask Them To Hang Out. Follow up. Don’t be aggressive or annoying, some people aren’t looking to make friends at the gym. But a lot of people are in the same boat as you, and just need a little bit of nudging to inch themselves out of their comfort zone.

4.) Be Consistent. Working out at the same time each day is a great way to become familiar with other people on the same schedule.


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