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Gut Health & Weight Loss

Did you know there are “skinny bacteria” that live in your intestines that promote weight loss? It’s true!

Your Gut Health is an important factor to weight loss! There’s a whole community of organisms living inside of you, known as your microbiome, and if it gets invaded by unwanted hitchhikers, the whole balance is thrown off and you can gain weight and inflammation as a result.

Health tools for the new year

Your microbiome is not only critical to your digestion, but it’s also on the frontlines of your immune system as well. Like the rest of your cells, your microbiome is under attack by environmental toxins, poor diet, parasitic infections, hormone imbalances, medications, and even emotional stress. Once the balance is thrown off, not only can you become obese, but everything from digestive issues to depression can happen.

It’s so important to cleanse and repopulate your gut with probiotics, the “good guys,” to get your health and weight back on track. Our supplements from Standard Process help to rebalance your microbiome but we also like to incorporate probiotic foods like naturally fermented, unpasteurized pickles and sauerkraut to add a little zing to your diet. We offer cleanse kits, microbiome test kits, and probiotics.

You can learn more about this by scheduling a wellness appointment with Dr. Tucker or calling our office to learn more about the products we offer. Call us at 509-926-7789.



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