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Headaches from Gluten or Dairy?

If you struggle to find a cause of migraines and/or headaches the first thing you should test is Gluten and Dairy Sensitivities

A lady with a headache.

. Gluten and dairy sensitivity includes a large number of people with top symptoms including migraines. It’s also one of the easiest causes to test out. Take 2 weeks and eliminate gluten and dairy and keep track of how your feeling. Did your headaches change any? Record your food intake and symptoms in a food journal. After cutting out gluten and dairy for 2 weeks you can slowly add them back in one at a time and continue to track your symptoms. Take note of how you feel, does your head feel heavy or light. Any brain fog? Congestion or sinus trouble? Need more remedies for headaches, ask one of us at #CWC! #CES #MFRT #Spokanevalley #headaches #allergies #migraines #brainfog #tipoftheday #chiropractic #chiropracticwellnesscenter #spinehealth


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