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How to get your Kids to Eat Healthy

Dr. Tucker is a father of six kids and has experienced the different phases of raising kids.

The frequent taste bud changes, food allergies, favorite foods, and hated foods; are all things parents face while raising children.

With Wendy's experience both as a parent and a degree in nutrition, here are some great tips that can help you (the parent) get your kids to eat healthy!

a baby eating food in a high chair.

- Include some variety: One thing kids love to see on their plates is different foods. This way they can decide with a bite or two, whether they like it or will dump it all over their tray.

- Make it fun: Let your kids play with their food! A recent study from the University of Iowa, shares that kids who are messy eaters make better learners. It also shares that they learn words faster in the high chair. Help your child sound out the veggies on their plate.

- Be creative: Many of kids least favorite foods are the ones they need for higher nutrients. Including different shapes and presentations of food can be a helpful way to get them to eat those dreaded foods. Try cutting their sandwich different ways, or slicing a banana into strips instead of circles. Or try a meal of many different items (maybe even 10!) in smaller portions.

- Education over dictation: Instead of focusing on the healthy element of a food; educate your child on colors, shapes, look-a-like animals and texture. This also helps distract them from being a food they may not like, into a farm animal they love.


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