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Running without INJURY

Spring is here and with that we can break out those running shoes and get out for some long over due exercise! After a long winter break, we can’t stress enough the need to deck your feet in the best running shoes; running in basic sneakers will put you in for a world of hurt, trust us.

If you’re gearing up to practice and perfect repetitive impact on those feet, treat them with the kindness they deserve in running shoes that deliver premium shock absorption, cushioning, and structured support. You’ll train harder, for longer, and feel significantly less stress afterward.

Not sure how to find the perfect running shoe for your body’s biometrics? Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Choose the best running shoes for the terrain you’ll run most. Road shoes are great on flat pavement, but trail running shoes are designed to withstand tougher terrain.

Note: New runners in particular should be careful not to over-stride. To run in good form, your foot should land below your hips—not out in front of you.

Have fun getting back into running and enjoy that sunny weather!


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