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Tips for Picking Quality Beef

The meat department at the grocery store

Picking quality beef can be easy when you know what to find.

Understanding and recognizing these simple qualities that make up a piece of meat will empower you to choose quality beef for any occasion.

- Look for beef with a bright-red color. Steaks and roasts should feel firm, not mushy.

- Go for the beef with the least amount of fat. Any fat on the meat should be white in color, not yellow, since meat with yellow fat is usually less tender.

- Meat labeled "prime" is tender and juicy, but it is generally higher in fat than other grades of meat.

- Look for coarse meat grain, with bundles of fibers clearly seen. This is a sign that the meat was once a hard-working muscle, so when cooked low-and-slow, it will reward you with a succulent and tender braised texture.


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