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Melatonin Benefits

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in the body by the pineal gland which is located in the brain. It is often referred to as the “sleep hormone.”

The main benefits of melatonin in the body are to regulate the circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycles). Normally, melatonin levels begin to rise in the evening, remain high for most of the night, and then drop in the early morning hours.

Man Sleeping in Bed

Light affects how much melatonin your body produces. Darkness causes the body to produce more melatonin, which signals the body to prepare for sleep. Light decreases melatonin production and signals the body to prepare for being awake.

Natural melatonin productions slowly decrease as you get older so it may become more difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both.

Synthetic melatonin is most commonly used to help the body’s internal clock (jet lag, shift-workers) and insomnia. A chiropractic adjustment with a melatonin supplement can enhance the body’s own melatonin production to help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and help you stay asleep.


 Help you fall asleep faster

 Increase total sleep time

 Get you into a deeper stage of sleep, which is important for helping your body to repair and regenerate

 Boosting daytime alertness

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