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Tips for Sleeping Better

Sleep is something all of us need and many can improve! So how do we get a restful nights sleep? Here are our tips for sleeping better.

A Dark but Starry Sky

  • Ban Blue Light in the Bedroom- Ensure that TVs, computers and other blue light sources are turned off an hour before bedtime. Surprisingly, the short waves from the blue light can disrupt your sleep.

  • Avoid Naps- If you suffer from insomnia, naps will do more harm than good. Avoid naps eight hours before bedtime. If slumps hit after lunch, go for a walk instead, or drink a glass of ice water.

  • Block The Clock- Avoid glancing at your clock during the night as it can interrupt your sleep. If you’re a clock watcher, place it in a drawer, or under your bed.

  • Try a Leg Pillow- Use a leg pillow if you experience mild pain that can disrupt the deep, restful phases of sleep. Try placing a pillow between your legs to better align your hips and reduce stress on your lower back.


Want to learn more? We are a local Chiropractic Office in Spokane Washington. Our goal is to help patients find health and wellness in each day. Follow us on Facebook for more weekly tips or come visit us to see how we can help you!

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