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Women's Fitness Tips

Many women opt for exercise in an attempt to burn off some body fat. A daily elliptical session or cardio-kickboxing class worked in your twenties, right?

Well, not for everyone. And now, as your birthdays pile up and young adulthood becomes a blurry memory, don’t count on chronic cardio to keep your clothes fitting fine. In fact, it could have the opposite effect. Here are some important women's fitness tips to keep in mind as you start getting older.

women working out at a gym

You’re dealing with a different body now. Let’s call it more subtle. Pounding away at cardio or overdoing any exercise can end up preventing you from burning fat and it may even make you store more.

By stressing your body like that, you’re releasing cortisol into your system. Since your life is probably more stressful now than it used to be, adding more cortisol causes your body to hold onto fat, especially around your middle. Not only is that a potentially unhealthy place to carry weight, but it also doesn’t help you fit into your wardrobe, either.

On the other hand, moving a lot is good for your brain. Makes sense: You’re made to move. The wonderful thing about this is the word “move.” You don’t need to go to the gym every day or practice yoga for hours. Simply consider moving more during your day. Not only does that do your brain good, but it keeps your body aging gracefully, too.


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