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4 Things your body is saying when you SWEAT!

Sweat tells us a story of our body. Here are just 4 ways our bodies message us when we sweat.


1:Your Hormones Are Off: Your hormones may also be responsible for making you sweat, whether it's a specific time in your cycle, changes like menopause, or even pregnancy.

2:You May Have Low Blood Sugar: Your blood sugar level may be to blame for all that moisture. You can normally bring your blood sugar back up by eating or drinking something, but if it continues to drop, you will notice other more serious symptoms.

2: Your Thyroid May Be Off: Excess sweating can be a sign of a thyroid issue, particularly an overactive thyroid, also known as hyperthyroidism.

3: You Might Be Stressed Out: All that sweat may just be a side effect of how you're feeling. After all, stress and anxiety can manifest themselves physically, oftentimes in the form of sweating.

For more info and remedies, ask Dr. Bo in your next visit!


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