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7 Tips to Find BALANCE in your life.

Updated: May 17, 2023

We have always been believers in creating ‘Balance’ in our everyday lives. For us, there are 7 factors that are most important:

1. Fun & Experiencing Joy Having fun is not a diversion from a successful life— it is the pathway to it. The secret to life is to have fun! Listen to your own heart, discover and respect your own gifts. Live a joyful life sharing your gifts through your thoughts, words, and actions. Live like a child, and laugh when we fall down or make mistakes. Get up and try again! Success is yours, everything else gives life flavor. Having fun has been proven to be healing to the body, mind, and spirit.

2. Exercise I know that exercising on a regular basis has greatly contributed to the quality of my life. I know it improves my digestion, sleep patterns, self-image, keeps my weight stable, helps me stay healthy both physically and emotionally plus it is fun! I have a boost of energy after I exercise and I feel that I can meet life's challenges. Try to exercise more days than not each week.

3. Sleep Sleep deficiency can affect mood and the ability to learn. It also affects metabolism, appetite, blood pressure, levels of inflammation in the body and perhaps even the “immune response.” Lack of sleep has been linked to stroke, obesity diabetes, anxiety, depression, heart disease, and cancer. Adults need 6-8 hours each night. 4. Water It is so important to drink plenty of water every day. Since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and be more alert. Drinking water promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, maintains regularity, boosts the immune system—and on and on. Every day, drink a minimum of you weight divided by 2. 5. Nutrition Food and the nutrients obtained from food are vital to keeping the body healthy and alive. Nutrients are required in order to build and repair cells and body tissues, maintain the organs and bones in optimum working condition and to provide energy, fuel, and warmth. I add nutritional supplements to my daily maintenance program to ensure that I am getting the vital nutrients needed for my optimal health and wellness. Standard Process offers a great array of Supplements. They are a supplement we believe in and recommend to our patients. 6. Spiritual Connection You can think of spirituality as connecting to whatever you consider meaningful and holy. You can find it in God, in yourself, in other people, in nature, art or kindness. Whatever you focus on, spirituality offers many possible benefits, including better mood, less anxiety or depression, and even fewer aches and illnesses. 7. Last but not least Laughter

Laughter can be one of life's greatest medicines. When life bets difficult, learning to not take things to seriously and laugh at our frailties helps to keep us grounded. Studies have shown that laughter can cure disease and elevate our mood to ward off anxiety and depression- Try It!

Try incorporating the above 6 factors into your everyday life. We have, and we know we're healthier, happier people. It is just a matter of creating ‘new’ habits. If I could do this for the past 25 years, you can too. Enjoy! #CWC #ChiropracticWellnessCenter #CES #MFRT #connection #sundayfunday #lifestyle #changes #spokane #spokanevalley #wow


Want to learn more? We are a local Chiropractic Office in Spokane Washington. Our goal is to help patients find health and wellness in each day. Follow us on Facebook for more weekly tips or come visit us to see how we can help you!

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